WebXR VRBrowser-Projects     
AFRAME, Unity, Three.js, ...  
# = does not currently
work with Pico Neo3L

(also some have glitches,
like the ground is not
on feet-level in the Pico)

moonrider crossthestreet trajectilecommand worldsdemolisher
fitnpunch backtospace exit plockle
skifit365 getoffmylawn jumpyballs baristaexpress
bluecybervr vartiste hallovreen xrdinosaurs
beats elflandglider trolltower vrland.io

WebXR, Unity, Godot, ...
Getting started with A-Frame Creating a 3D Buildings Site Networked A-Frame D3 Graphs in A-Frame VR
Create and Publish WebGL Build How To Make a VR Game in 2023 arms wing locomotion OpenXR based Hand Tracking
pico godot4 VR Video Player Part 1 Augmented Reality Tutorial Porting my racing game to Godot 4
Export To Meta Quest 2 Tiled Dungeon Environment From Scratch How To Code a Realistic Water Shader Baking lightmap
godot3 Godot3 hands-tutorial Godot3 in 12 minutes WebXR with Godot

Opensource projects     
of the Godot-community  
download Godotengine
godot_openxr godot-xr-tools demo godot-xr-avatar both-flat-and-vr
godot-3d-platformer-vr redorahn-project solar-gardener ExoGardener
godot-toy-racer-xr godot-xr-motion-controller-car object-interaction-vr godot-xr-doors
RocketeerTraining Networking-Plus-Game DarkCity XR Interactibles
gesture-recognition VRWorkout BeepSaber Mesh-slicer
vr-weapons seurat-godot-plugin dungeon-master freespace-movement
VoxelWorksQuest Fugitive3D boxday tunnelvr
FridayFunkin-VR vr_climbing_demo xr-markers GUI-in-VR